What does BSH-Login offer?

The BSH has very large databases and corresponding specialist procedures at its disposal. Freely accessible data (usually raw data) can be found on the BSH website in the Data section. Via the BSH-Login, we provide registered users with further data (mostly processed, i.e. quality-checked, evaluated) via specialist procedures.

Further specialist procedures für managing or processing administrative documents are available to registered users with a legitimate interest.

How do I get access to BSH Login?

To gain access, you must register once with your e-mail address. Afterwards you will receive an e-mail with a verification link. You can then select the specialist procedures you would like to use. The applications are checked and approved individually. If the BSH has granted you access, you can use all your applications here after logging in.

Which specialist procedures does the BSH offer

The following specialist procedures can be requested by registered users. For some specialised procedures, consent to our terms of use is required.
  • ICEDB - Ice Application 2.0
    The database holds sea ice information from German and international ice observing stations in the Baltic and North Sea as well as German ice charts of these regions.
    Baltic sea ice codes (also as ENC ice objects) are available for German stations since ~1955 and from other countries since ~2006. Ice winter statistic for each winter are available since ~1901; sea ice charts (polygons of concentration and thickness) since ~1960. From 2022 on, traffic restrictions are also included.
  • INSITU - Insitu Portal
    Insitu Portal provides user-friendly access to real-time oceanographic data from the Northwest Shelf.
    The quality-checked observation data can be conveniently browsed and visualised, and the BSH's own data can also be downloaded. As open data, BSH's own data can be downloaded from the BSH website without registration, but with limited search options.
  • RAVE - Research at alpha ventus
    In the RAVE research archive, the quality-controlled turbine-specific and environmentally relevant measurements from the offshore test field "alpha ventus" are available for download and visualization.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: For access to the research archive, a data usage agreement must be signed (see terms of use).
  • SEASTATE - Sea State Portal
    In the sea state portal, the quality-controlled sea state data of the BSH, the Helmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht and (partly) the LKN.SH are available for download and visualization. Further sea state statistics can also be generated.
The following specialist procedures are reserved for a specific group of users and require a special justification when submitting the application.
  • COSIWEB2 - Cosi Web 2.0
    Computerized oil spill identification (Version 2.0)

    This application is solely accessible for laboratories that are appointed by contracting parties to the OSINET network of the Bonn Agreement.
  • CSRONLINE - CSR Online
    Management und Submission Platform for Cruise Summary Reports (CSR).

    This is an specialist application that is released for use by chief scientists of research vessels only.
  • MARLIN_UPL - MARLIN Data upload
    MARLIN DataUpload is a web application of FIS MARLIN (Marine Life Investigator).

    The application is made for external data originators to upload data files for MARLIN.
  • SBVOV - Online verification of certificates for seafarers
    Verification of the authenticity and validity of certificates for seafarers issued by the BSH (Certificates of Competency, Certificates of Proficiency, Seafarer’s Cards, Endorsements of Recognition)

    Access to this specialist procedure is only granted to shipping companies, crewing agencies, authorities (e.g. foreign flag state administrations) and other institutions with a legitimate interest.
  • SEATRACK - Seatrack Web Drift Model
    Seatrack Web is the web access to the BSH drift model, which allows drift calculations of objects or substances in the North and Baltic Sea.

    Access can only be granted to authorities or research institutions that need these calculations to fulfil their tasks or make research contributions to tasks of the BSH.